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Welcome to our support center. Here on our domain, anyone that wishes to do so, now has a method of contacting our administration, moderating teams or all of our staff at once. Do not abuse this ticket service please. Your tickets go to a real person, and you will receive an email when you have a reply from a real person. no cookie cutters around here.

We may not have the exact department your ticket is intended for, within our currently listed departments... in which case add any additional info you think we may need, and we'll get your ticket directed to the right department in order to assist you asap.

You may submit a ticket related to any number of issues pertaining to not only our website features & functionality, but also hardware, trouble shooting, etc.

Our ticket system is intended for peaceful communication, to permit members a place to seek some assistance with their PC, Laptops, Smartphones, and other other devices, as well as permitting another method for members to express ideas or knowledge, on all topics, of all levels of importance.
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