How can I change my avatar?

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To modify your avatar you can click on your User Menu (which will appear as your User Name).
Depending on your chosen style, your User Menu may show a smaller version of your current avatar.
Depending on your device, the User Name, may not even appear, you may only have a menu drop down icon. There are many variables that will change what you're looking at in terms of our website display.
Within that User Menu, once you find it, and there is no insult intended by this long winded reply, just being logical, there are currently many variables that change how the display (device resolution) is presented, and then more so changes or variables in the Style or theme that you are using. searching the menus and options available to your account will result in a better understanding of menus, and simplify them if referenced in future in some form.

If all else fails, click on this

Perhaps you can see -from our reply here- we are always willing to acknowledge member's input or inquiries, and do so with some finesse!... Perhaps a bit long in the wind, but curly fresh finesse, none the less! ;)
Mar 29, 2017
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